Stefanie G.

I am a german citizen and used to live in the USA for long period of time. After a very complicated divorce from a US citizen and a nasty fight over custody, I ended up having severe legal problems and was charged with a crime by the US Department of Justice. The case was very complicated since it involved two Countries with different judicial Systems. But the verdict by a US Judge was spoken and the situation seemed hopeless for me, since I could not even come to the US to fight for my rights. Stuck in this desperate situation someone recommended to contact Gremminger Law Firm.

Mr Gremminger could actually convince the US Attorney to drop all charges and dismiss the indictment. The matter got concluded and I was able to move on and live my life.

I am very thankful for the kindness, competence and professionalism I experienced when working with Mr. Gremminger and his Law Firm."


Als deutsche Staatsbürgerin habe ich lange in den USA gelebt. Nach einer sehr komplizierten Scheidung und einem sehr hässlichen Sorgerechtsstreit bekam ich sehr ernsthafte legale Probleme in den USA und wurde vom US Department of Justice strafrechtlich verurteilt. Der Fall war sehr kompliziert, da zwei unterschiedliche Rechtsysteme involviert waren. Doch das Urteil eines US Richters wurde verhängt und die Situation schien hoffnungslos für mich zu sein, da ich noch nicht einmal mehr in die USA einreisen konnte um für mein Recht zu kämpfen. In dieser aussichtlosen Situation wurde mir Gremmingers Law Firm empfohlen.

Mr Gremminger konnte den US Staatsanwalt tatsächlich davon überzeugen alle Anschuldigungen gegen mich fallen zu lassen und das Urteil zurückzuziehen. Der Fall wurde somit abgeschlossen und ich kann ohne weitere Schwierigkeiten mein Leben fortsetzen.

Ich bin sehr dankbar für die Freundlichkeit, Kompetenz und Professionalität, die ich in der Zusammenarbeit mit Herrn Gremminger und seiner Kanzlei erfahren durfte."


Mel B.

I was referred to Steve by another well respected attorney who indicated that Steve was easy to work with, intelligent and efficient. He was correct on all three areas. Steve was able to quickly resolve and restore all of my employment benefits from my former employer that had been wrongfully terminated."


Peter, Washington DC

Wife and I run a residential real estate management firm. C-Corp / Form 1120. Audited by IRS. Tried to handle it ourselves. Big mistake. IRS Revenue Agent’s actions went beyond adversarial. Accused us of fraud. Widened audit to multiple years. First audit report had us paying a huge tax deficiency, most of it because of the agent’s math errors. We hired Steve Gremminger. It was a long, hard fought battle. Multiple meetings with Agent’s manager and IRS Appeals. At the end of the day, NO penalty, NO tax owed, and a small refund. Could not have done it without Steve. He flipped a disaster into a win. Have full confidence in him. If there is a 'next time', will call Steve."


Lissa C.

I was referred to Mr. Steven Gremminger, of Gremminger Law Firm, through a mutual friend in 2009. I met Mr. Gremminger during a very difficult time in my life. Gremminger Law Firm assisted me with two court cases. The first case was based on a contingency basis and the second was pro bono. I am very grateful to the law firm, as I don't know many firms that would do this. Mr. Gremminger and his associates believed in me and my innocence. They held no judgments and were behind me all of the way. I remember Mr. Gremminger telling me I reminded him of his daughter and that he just wanted to help me because he knew I was a good person. I could have never afforded Mr. Gremminger's services and will always be thankful and appreciative of his efforts, support, time, and dedication to both of my cases."


Me refrieron al Sr. Steven Gremminger, de Gremminger Law Firm, a través de un amigo en común en 2009. Conocí al Sr. Gremminger en un momento muy difícil de mi vida. Gremminger Law Firm me ayudó con dos casos judiciales. El primer caso se basó en una base de contingencia y el segundo fue pro bono. Estoy muy agradecida a su agencia de abogados, ya que no conozco muchas empresas que harían esto. El Sr. Gremminger y sus asociados creyeron en mí y en mi inocencia. No tuvieron juicios y estuvieron apoyándome todo el camino. Recuerdo que el Sr. Gremminger me dijo que le recordaba a su hija y que solo quería ayudarme porque sabía que yo era una buena persona. Nunca podría haber pagado por los servicios del Sr. Gremminger y siempre estaré agradecida por sus esfuerzos, apoyo, tiempo y dedicación en ambos casos."


Calvin and Debby T.

After a very long, hot summer of working our vegetable farm, the IRS, without forewarning, seized our bank account. They accused us of structuring our bank deposits. We did not even know there was a law about "structuring." We were given Steve's name by our accounting firm.

Steve was readily available, kind, compassionate, but at the same time very frank that we were fighting the federal government. He dealt directly with the prosecuting attorney and deftly guided us through the maze of IRS regulations and requirements. He was at our side during IRS, DOJ, USAO and 2 congressional hearings as we fought for justice. He interrupted his much needed vacations to talk us through issues on several occasions. After 6 1/2 years, we have finally received all of our seized funds. We will always be thankful for Steve and his team."