Our Work

The Gremminger Law Firm practices primarily in the area of IRS tax controversy and tax litigation. It represents individuals and companies before the IRS, and in the U.S. Tax and District Courts. This includes both IRS civil and criminal tax matters; including IRS audit, penalties, tax shelters, collection matters involving liens and levies, installment agreements and offers in compromise; and civil and criminal investigations of clients and third parties. The firm also handles wide ranging civil business matters including litigation, legal and business advisory, SEC, and other matters. There are two Of Counsel attorneys, two paralegals, and an Enrolled Agent who work on the cases along with Steve Gremminger.

The Gremminger Law Firm has a national presence. We represent clients in federal tax matters throughout the United States and overseas.

Recent services for firm clients include:

  • A client was successful in seeking a Private Letter Ruling from the IRS that will result in a multi-million dollar tax refund. The matter involved a missed election.

  • Steve Gremminger was lead counsel (with Latham & Watkins as co-counsel) for 15 related US Tax Court cases involving oil & gas drilling TEFRA partnerships. (Steve also represented the partnerships as well as 9 other related partnerships in the IRS audit.) Following extensive discovery, we successfully negotiated very favorable settlement terms with the IRS. The IRS considered the partnerships to be abusive tax shelters; it conceded this in the settlement. Thereafter, we represented the managing partner in discussions with more than 500 partners concerning whether they should accept the IRS settlement terms at the partner level.

  • The firm is representing a group of investors in an IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty investigation and appeal.

  • Steve successfully negotiated the resolution of a deadlocked corporate transaction between the client and the purchaser of her business. The client’s two prior attorneys had been unable to break the impasse and reach a settlement.

  • Steve and Pamela represented the alleged promoters of a SILO strategy in an IRS investigation of SILO/LILO shelters pursuant to 26 USC § 6707. The potential penalties exceeded $75 million. The investigation settled on favorable terms.

  • Steve represented an alleged tax shelter promoter in a §6700 investigation. He thereafter filed suit in US District Court. The case settled on favorable terms.

  • Steve represented clients in a Grand Jury matter involving the Bank Secrecy Act and alleged structuring. There was an asset forfeiture. The case resulted in a civil forfeiture, with no criminal charges filed. Recently, the firm filed a Petition with the US Department of Justice for mitigation or remission of the seized funds. Following Congressional Hearings, where the client testified, the DOJ recently agreed to return the forfeited funds.

  • Steve represented a potential “responsible person” in an IRS and DOJ criminal investigation that resulted in the indictment & conviction of the target, but no charges filed against his client.

  • Steve has successfully represented clients claiming innocent spouse status in US Tax Court as well against the IRS administratively.

  • The firm has represented numerous clients in high-end IRS collection matters, and it has successfully negotiated offers in compromise, installment agreements, the withdrawal of federal tax liens, and abatement of substantial assessed and proposed penalties.

  • The firm successfully litigated a legal malpractice action against a national law firm. The case settled at mediation before trial, with the corporate client receiving a very favorable settlement.

  • The firm successfully requested abatement of very substantial tax penalties asserted against a mid-size company. The IRS abated all penalties. The penalties, if sustained, could have forced the company to close.

  • Steve and his co-counsel successfully negotiated dismissal of a federal indictment of a foreign person who had been charged with kidnapping.

  • Steve negotiated the sale of a high-end Georgetown hair salon for the seller.

  • The firm successfully protested denial of insurance coverage for a business client

  • Steve and Steven Oster handled the pro bono appeal of a convicted DC police officer, and were successful in arguing for remand by the DC Court of Appeals.

  • Steve negotiated, pro bono, a seven (7) figure settlement from a federal agency for a client who was severely injured in an accident