IRS Collection | Washington, DC Tax Litigation Attorney

We often represent clients in IRS collection actions. Some clients are in a box because they can’t pay the IRS in full and they need an installment agreement or help with an offer in compromise. Often we are asked to help the client get a federal tax lien withdrawn. Frequently, we see clients who have failed to pay, or failed to file, and we have experience helping them become compliant. The alternative is years of hardship, worrying about what is in the mail from the IRS, and whether your property will be taken. We help avoid these results. Believe it or not, IRS collection actions often raise Constitutional issues such as due process and the right to be heard on behalf of taxpayers. We are ready to help defend you when this happens. This may involve working with the IRS Taxpayer Advocate, going over the revenue officer’s head, preparing and filing an appeal, or other avenues including litigation.

Clients often bring bags of unopened mail from the IRS that they are afraid to open. They say that they discarded the rest! You may owe so much money and have decided that there is nothing you can do about it. Don’t give up! Come talk to us and let us see if there is a way to improve your situation.


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